strong hydrolic

i started to use wire hydraulics very much but point is sometimes they can’t lift funny size and weight things. so i need help how to make them stronger i need best way or many ways

what i tryed: i just know that decreasing weight will help not much and sometimes lower than 1 weight will couse hydraulic to bug, spaz out or something

make more that one hydraulic but then even with smartsnap and easy percision it’s spazing out abit or bugs.

i also heard that before making hydraulic increase props weight by double and then after making hydaulic return it to normal so that helped only 1 time and still effect was very weak.

P.S. mostly i meet problems when i am using axis, ball sockets… (with sliders or fixed hydraulics everything is ok)

Yeah, hydraulics don’t work too well.
What are you trying to make?

What’s a Hydrolic? :v:


Try setting the gravity off with the physical properties tool. That should help with what you are trying to do. Remember to make the hydraulic fixed or add sliders to what you are trying to move, otherwise it will not work.