Stronghold Map Pack

A collection of Stronghold maps that I’ve acquired over time. I dont play Stronghold anymore so I cant really be bothered to gather screenshots. Hopefully someone who still plays it or runs a server will enjoy the maps.

sh_airfield -
sh_bloodniron_c1 -
sh_finala15_fixed -
sh_gpro_lockdown_v4_b -
sh_killbox_four -
sh_richland_a2 -
sh_smalltown_c -
sh_strongdale -
sh_strongdale_2 -
sh_urban_crater -
sh_vespene_c1 -
sh_voxelgrounds_c1 -

Thank you so much man, this is great and 1 more thing, the sh_killbox_four is actually the link for sh_richland_a2 they’re the same