Structure Griefing is getting out of hand.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the griefing aspect of Rust. I love it. I take people’s items, people take mine, it’s how the game works.

But then you have the groups of dickheads who roll up to structures with c4 and pillars… not to break in to steal your items or murder you, but instead to only place pillars down so you can’t rebuild. That’s all they do. A 20+ hour structure rendered completely useless in about 5 minutes. Cool. The best part is that the players are generally awful at the game otherwise. A 2v4 fight ends up with all 4 of them dead. But it’s too late at that point.

I know they’re working on foundation ownership or something (hopefully the ability to remove objects other players build on a foundation you placed? Or just plain restrict building on someone else’s foundation? Please?), and I know it’s an alpha, but as it stands its pointless to build anything that’s multi-level if you have shitheads like that roaming your server… and that takes all the fun out of building anything beyond a one-room shanty. And that’s just sad, because I love the game. I’ve put way more time into this game in the little time it’s been available than any other game in recent history. I want to play it. But as it stands, I’m just going to take a break.

In before DEAL WITH IT blah blah blah ITS PART OF THE GAME blah blah blah CRY MORE NOOB blah blah blah LEARN TO PLAY




If someone builds too close to my own base I’ll grief the hell out of it. Pillars in the middle, my own doors whatever it takes to get them to go away.

Thanks, I wasn’t aware.

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I know who griefed me (2nd building since the servers were wiped) and they aren’t situated anywhere near us and we aren’t the only ones they’re targeting. They just roam around and fuck over people’s places and take nothing. Pretty pathetic, imo.

Alpha doesn’t mean you’ve the right to act like a dick…

The point of an alpha is to a) find the exploits, b) report them so they can be fixed.

Replying to someone who reports an issue during the alpha with the word “alpha” as if it were some kind of justification is simply moronic.

Except that everyone is well aware of these issues, making the OP forum pollution. OP knows it, but decided to post it anyway, which to me sounds like a lack of comprehension on what it means to play alpha software. Spamming issues won’t get them fixed faster.

I don’t know how much these forums impact the development schedule. It could be that, to some extent, the squeaky wheel gets the oil. The forums are here for people to expression there opinion, and weight of opinion is also an important consideration.

Play on a server that’s non Pvp and has active admins to protect griefing .

I don’t want to play on a non PvP server, killing and being killed is a fun part of the game. Being surrounded by pieces of shit who roam around purposely sabotaging buildings isn’t.

It does not, but that’s not the point. The fact that it is Alpha means that it can be exploited easily. If you cannot handle these exploits, then uninstall until these issues are fixed or until the game is fully released. We are all well aware of these problems, so your rant is useless.

no, a pvp game based on surviving by any means necessary does though

seriously people deal with it these games are made FOR the griefers, they already make games for you like WoW and farmville. if griefing is too much for you go play those.

if you dislike the core premise of a game, its probably not one you should chime in on and try to “fix”, you want a carebear version of the game go make one of your own instead of whining that a developer should make the game you want.

the whole reason they are griefing you is because your were easy to find and they found you, it gives them something to do that is fun, we dont play this to hit trees with hatchets ffs, move and hide your base better instead of bitching about your failures as a survivalist

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then fight them, return the favor, whining to mommy that jimmy broke your sand castle isn’t going to work, return the favor and burn their shit down on them and grief them, thats what they want you to do ffs not hide in your shack like a whipping boy crying to the devs to make the mean kids stop picking on you

You’re a dick, actually the point of Beta is to report things like this so they can be fixed.

if you want a fatty pro tip up in this bleotch, the only permanent things that can be griefed (unless you are unwise and leave your building half built for a time) are the stairwells and roof access, and you can at least prevent them from griefing the first floor stairs by not building stairs at all, put a pillar there and then have a box + barricade in there to jump up on to make it to the next floor while disabling their ability to ceiling it off!

however since now it seems wooden walls take 1-2 instead of 2-3 c4 (most times its 1 but rarely ive seen 2 still), i would just advise making a metal base and lol at whoever plows through that then wastes like 5+ or whatever c4 on your metal stairs

bingo. did this just last night. guy was building near our base, wuoldn’t put his gun away or speak to us, so we killed him and put pillars and walls all over that sob.

bottom line, don’t build until you’re ready to drop it all, and set yourself up in a way that won’t allow them to grief you. it’s not that difficult, just takes some trial and error. adapt instead of asking for nerfs.


you gotta understand:

for most of these nerds, this is the best they are ever gonna be.
once the game goes retail, most of these nerds will head for easier ground. the current nerds who are basically just bonking on unarmed players will be getting manhandled and sent packing when real gamers show up. smart gamers. not like most of the ones playing now.

they gotta real shock coming when and if this thing goes retail.


This post gave me cancer. Please don’t comment further. Calling someone a nerd online is like running the special olympics. Even if it’s true, you’re still a fuckin retard for stating it. Especially, since you are on the same forum, playing the same game, and bothering to drop the comment… nerd.

Yesterday I was assaulted by a group of four five fuckers that ransacked my 5 hours building,my 4 store building in 5 seconds.
Lost everything.Depression.Payback is hours of suffering away.
I said to me:I’ll never play this game again until…until what?
This game is everything I ever wanted…Is so unforgiving but also soo rewarding.
I CANNOT TURN BACK to play offline.
I CANNOT TURN BACK playing a game without in the middle of a working day ask myself if my dear house is still intact.
I CANNOT TURN BACK to play soft fluffy games
mmos are fake static amusment parks
dayz at the moment is unplayable
I’ve even desperately reinstalled Infestation (ex WarZ) and it is a real shit
Nether is boring as hell
This game is a genuine gem and as such should only finely chiseled to become a masterpiece.
So do as I’ll do when I finish to work…fresh new start,fresh new house preparing your retaliation :slight_smile:

Well said, Sir.

However, just 'cos I respect your opinion here, doesn’t mean I will hesitate for one second to blow your door off its hinges and riddle you with 556 as you lie in your sleeping bag. I expect no less from you, either.

Honour among murderous bastards, it’s a wonderful thing. (But let’s keep our clothes on).

did you just tell me not to post? lol. kids these days. enjoy your cancer.

like i said, for most of these “griefers” this is the best they can do: kick around unarmed solo players in an alpha.

and for the folks being beat up on. it’s an alpha, none of this stuff matters, it’ll all have to be reset prior to retail, so if you’re having a bad time, go do something else for a while and come back to it later. or work to find a more secluded spot. or try a different server.

this game is a good idea that seems to be heading in the right direction, but i don’t understand folks need to protect their effort when the devs are gonna just wipe it later. and if you think it’s bad now… how bad is everyone gonna cry at retail when the groups get larger in number? or when the money shop comes into play and all that work and money get scrubbed by the adderall posse?

i’m on the fence about getting a server but it sounds like a lotta the folks getting beat up on by the nerd mafia are probably gonna end up having to bite the bullet and run their own show to get the experience they want. set the server count at you for a week, build your fortress, then open the doors so that nobody can ever beat you. isn’t that what most folks are gonna do anyway?