Structure Question

On the wiki page, “”, it mentions several bool/varible/strings you set server side such as “SWEP.Primary.ClipSize” and “SWEP.Primary.DefaultClip”, I understand their meanings, yet my Notepad++ has them in plain text rather than a highlighted keyword. Furthermore, I decided to go find the “SWEP library”(I assume this is what it is called? Just started to dive into Lua.) I couldn’t find any reference material on the subject rather than the search function directing me back to where I were; the “Chair Throwing Gun” tutorial. If the information is elsewhere please direct me :3

*Woop. Nevermind, dug into garrysmod to look for the premade weapons and found myself a whole documented weapon base!
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\gamemodes\base\entities\weapons\weapon_base
Just incase anyone wants to look into this themselves.

Don’t trust syntax highlighter 100%

SWEP is not a library, it is more of a structure.

You can find SWEP:* hooks/functions here:
You can find GMod Lua highlighter for NP++ here:
If NP++ doesn’t highlight anything - it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.