Structure Supports

So I was wondering when we’ll get to see the pillars be more useful for supporting a structure? Such as being able to put it on the bottom corners of a floor piece and embed it into a rock or the ground as support. Would be able to make some awesome houses with being able to actually support it without needing ugly foundations everywhere you wanted/needed support. The stability system is fine I just think things like this need to happen to truly unleash the build capabilities of the game, I guess kinda like the pillars and building works in ARK actually.

Pillars should be tougher than they are–especially seeing how difficult it can be to upgrade or replace them. Pillars should be part of the building framework or superstructure, th equivalent of loadbearing pillars.

I agree, I was trying to build a house the other day and was so limited by the stability system and the way it’s currently setup. I was just thinking how much better it would be if we could use pillars as actual pillars.