Struggle with aiming in game, need some tips or help.

As a rust player, I have extreme difficulties aiming with multitudes of weapons from pistols to machine guns. I say this because I have a hard time knowing how to deal with recoil, aiming for peoples heads, and even how much the weapons sway within the game. I wish to create this thread to ask how I can become better so I can easily take down players within the game who repeatedly says “lrn2aimnoob”. Any feedback will be greatly apprectiated.

I have a hard time playing shooters at anything under 60fps.

Look on the forums for guides on how to achieve 60fps.

I think that wasn’t what he meant.

But Rust isn’t made as a Shooter like you would think.
It’s survival, not slaying groups of people as a single man.
Besides this they’re working on some weapon mechanics.
So aiming is pretty hard atm. But with a little bit of practise it’s possible to hit some heads. :slight_smile:

single shots, lotta recoil in the game but otherwise the bullet travel time and direction are pretty right on with the sights. best thing i can recommend is when u have guns, before you lose them, use them as much as possible on animals etc to practice

I don’t know, I’ve seen some incredible shooters and for the life of me I can’t figure out how they get their iron sights so stable. Mine is all over the place. Froxer streams and has videos on youtube of some absolutely absurd gunfights that I have no doubt he gets accused of aimbotting for.

I can’t even get the BAR to fire straight ;_;

I usually go on pve servers to practice my aim on zombies, but I really can’t line up my shots a lot due to their buggy head movements or i’m just that bad.

Edit: In player encounters I usually die first because they get the headshot on me before I do, wondering if there are any programs/games that improve reflex time or aiming.

Videos from the newer versions?

And it’s pretty stable if you crouch and don’t move.

It’s called ‘‘aimbot’’.

I want something I can use thats not cheating, I would rather not do this so I can get better in all fps games in general.

If you use any program that improves your aim (exept a good mouse driver), then it’s a cheat.

I was thinking more of a reflex game honestly, I don’t want anything that touches my mouse or injects anything into the game.

I don’t get what you want.
A reflex game? Rust isn’t made to be a common FPS.
And mouse drivers are often delivered with your mouse (I’m not talking about native mouse drivers).
Thats nothing bad.
Myself don’t use mouse drivers from Logitech. It makes my aim worse.
But some people get a better mouse aim with their drivers.
I dunno the model you have but it could be worth a try.

The games hit registry and player movement models are very very poor, the shooting in this game is mediocre at this stage so don’t expect much from it

Also with the amount of players the game holds I’d assume the ticrate is also extremely low, and the information which data is sent probably isn’t too high either.

i hear that the aiming isnt what you may be used to. There isnt really any leading or anything like that. From one post i read if your crosshair is on target when you fire it will hit

Yeah as long the target is in range.
Currently there is no ballistics for weapons. So the bullet just fly on a straight line and disappear after a certain range.

As a person who doesn’t use the bolt action a lot my tip would be to get close without being seen and fill them with bullets don’t bother trying to be accurate half the time. A full pistol clip into the body seems to be just as good as that lucky one shot to the head. Like people are saying it isn’t an fps its a survival game and the best way to survive is to kill them before giving them a chance to react then your reflexes shouldn’t be a problem, just practice sneaking.

I came into this game after playing many many hours in Red Orchestra (ROCA, RO1 & RO2) which uses only iron sights, lots of weapon sway, recoil effects and free aim which this game also uses, so it was and still is pretty easy to land accurate shots.

Only use single shot bursts to control the amount of recoil, except at close range when your life may be at risk. Accurate single shots are better than many inaccurate ones.

Use the tip of the front foresight as your aiming point. Place the tip of the front sight over what you want to hit like an arrow pointing “Shoot Here”

Being in crouch not only reduces your profile so there is less of you to hit, but reduces your weapon sway as well.

The trick is as soon as you see your sights overlay what you want to hit, shoot without delay as you May miss your opportunity for a critical hit.

It takes practice to balance when to shoot and when to wait… But the more you practice the easier it is to predict the weapons characteristics and how to time them.

I was landing headshots on zombies right away. I might not snap-shot targets right away, but my first shot usually kills. Taking your time and making your shots accurate is key when you want to have the advantage of surprise. You save more bullets, more health and more of you life by getting the upper hand right away than going in with guns blazing.

from my experience in the game, the laser sight is useless and doesn’t hit where it points and on the pistols, the silencer blocks your sights and makes it difficult without the reflex sight attached… I tend to prefer just using the iron sights.

well i cant pvp since im on 20 fps

It’s okay. Apparently if you have really good aim you’re an aimbotter in this community. But it just takes practice like any other game. Playing some counter-strike could help you improve on your gun skill. Probably one of the closest things to rust and on CS you can constantly be fighting people and getting better.

Actually I’d argue people who don’t have consistently good aim are aimbotting. There’s a lot of people who will aimbot a group of people, get called out and admins will start ghosting them, but due to the nature and behavior of ghosting (footsteps, nametag visible) and the fact that they can’t check any kind of ‘log’, a lot of the more clever(as if any of them are really clever) aimbotters are turning it off after they clear a group and get their loot. Oh look I can’t aim now! I must not be doing anything wrong!

Get better mouse maybe, not sure what your using, maybe a better pad. I know since i got my deathadder my aim has deff increased a good amount. I almost feel like feinter sometimes. Turn off your pointer precision on your mouse through windows. Then go to this site and dl this file to fix the pointer precision in windows, because windows like to turn it on during full screen/games i believe.