Stuck at Loading screen #RECEIVING DATA

Stuck at Loading screen receiving data , i uninstall the game twice . :\

Please Help me ! :frowning:

[editline]30th April 2015[/editline] its just like that for 2 hr :frowning:

what are your PC specs? and video card nvidia gtx 750 . system windows 8.1 pro.

try running Rust from its installation folder with Admin permission, also try turning of any anti virus programs, make sure Rust is enabled through the firewall. Turn off any back ground programs that you dont need running most of all check to see if you video drivers are up to date.

its beacuse the skype really thank u ! <3

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but how i can fix it xD?

The game crashed. The crash report folder named “2015-04-30_132102” next to game executable.

turn skype off

i did restart and its dosent work’s with skype off :frowning:

Reboot your router.

If it’s been more than 12 months since it was factory reset, reset the router, they get grumpy after a while. If you have port forwarding or other customized options set up, note those down before you reset the router so it’s easier to put everything back afterwards.

Problem is new or u just turned rust on first time.
Legacy , experimental ? More info bro.
Mb u did smth new before ? new programs installed, net changes etc.