Stuck at "loading terran mesh"

Hello everybody,
Rust installed on my computer, connecting to server, loading some things but i still stuck on “loading terran mesh”.
I tryed with antivirus disable etc, I put my configuration, maybe it’s so useless… :frowning:
I’m french end my apologies to my english lol.

Motherboard : asus p5q-vm
memory : 4gb, only 3 available
Window 7 32 bits
Videocard : Gt220 nvidia
Directx 11
Processor : Intel Core 2 quad cpu Q6600 @ 2.40 ghz (4 cpus), ~2.4 ghz

Thanks for answers, I want to play this game :slight_smile:
Have fun

you would need to at least upgrade to 64bit windows and increase your available ram to greater than 4gb before you had a chance. the gpu and cpu aren’t really great either.