Stuck at waiting for server

I try to log into any server since i bought rust, It loads everything then it loads trees, then it writes down " waiting for server" and never passes that point.
I press F1, and i see something like “server condition not met: method.get()”.
I tried to log through my friend’s wireless network and it worked from there.

I have a laptop Alienware m17x, it can run online games with higher graphics, my anti virus is not blocking for sure, i made sure of that, plus i can log through my friend’s wireless so its not that.

I am using a Dial Up connection unlike my friend, could that be the problem?

30 MB/s dialup from my ISP

Please guys help me out, i want to play this game on my own internet, playing through my friend’s wireless is way too laggy, cant even kill an animal.

if you took a moment to look through the threads you would see that it seems they have a problem, again.

servers are down atm for everyone, have patience

Right now there is a DDoS attack going on. You just have to wait till it’s sorted.

I’m not talking about the problems going on now, if you read it you would see that I did log into the server and loaded the assists, but then i got that error, has nothing to do with DDOS.

This happened every time i tried since when I bought the game, but it did work through my friend’s network.

When did you exactly buy it? Because the DDoS started two days ago.

Again, I can log through my friend’s network when servers are up, but i cannot log in through my own dialup connection, so it has nothing to do with DDOS.

Again, when did you buy the darn game?

2 days ago

So you have to wait like everyone here.And 2 days ago they started their DDOS Attack.So read

That is the day when this crappy DDoS started. So i have to say that it is because of that. Also the game is still in alpha state, i would recommend you to use console to connect to servers since the server list has something wrong with it. Open the game and press f1 and type net.connect (ip here)

I bought it just then.

I did try through console, how can it be because of the damn ddos, when i can connect at the exact same time through a different network but not through my own dial up connection.
I apologize if I did not explain myself, this post was for people who might know the reason, not for people who just would blame it on ddos without any real knowledge of the issue at hand.

Game is in alpha state. The game is in alpha and it has issues and we all know that.
But all of us are 100% sure that your problem is because of the DDoS.
You just have to wait, wait and wait like all of us.

DDOS has nothing to do with a certain connection, I would have the same chance as the person next to me geographically, if you even know what ddos is.

This makes sense lol, i dont know what the fuck he means by “Affects u but not him” If that was the case they would have to be ddosing my isp/me

Well you are right. But still you just have to wait like everybody else. It is useless trying to connect to any servers right now.

I’m not trying to connect right now, Jesus, I’m asking if anyone knows the solution to this particular problem, I doubt that I am the only person with a dial up connection who plays rust.

This is for people with information about the problem, not for someone to tell me its in alpha, I know it is, I’m just trying to solve the issue that I HAVE, so when the ddos is over I can actually play.

Dial-up is your first problem. The DDoS attack is your second. I didn’t know people still tried to game over dial up, or even could now days.

The god has spoken