Stuck Between a Witch and a Hard Place

Recently I purchased Killing Floor and was playing on this dark map and I had gone into a room that had a Siren Present and the angle of the flashlight catching it’s face reminded me instantly of when you piss off the witch from Left 4 Dead. Anyways, a buddy of mine is deathly afraid of the witch so basically I had this idea about how upsetting it would be if he was faced with a situation as presented in the comic below.

I hope you enjoy it.

The humour is kind of… bland.

But overall, I liked it.

Posing is very good too I might add.

To be honest, I think you should have cut out the entire part involving the witch/siren.

It was going pretty good up until that point, but that completely killed it.

Also, just for future reference, don’t use emots in speech bubbles (“A watermelon >:D”). I can’t really comment on the posing, because a combination of dark screenshots and this god-awful glare coming from the WALL OF GLASS FACING THE SUN where I currently am is making it so I can’t see shit.

But yeah. Should have just stuck with the arrangement of curious objects all in a single hallway. That was humorous. :buddy:

gave me a chuckle

I smiled. XD

I thought the part about the bust was funny :]

I enjoyed this quite a bit, I was pleasantly surprised. I liked the dialogue, but agree with the comment on using emotes in the speech bubbles. Probably could have left the very last frame, but that’s just my opinion.

Looking forward to seeing more from you.

Reminds me in L4D 2 when I was playing Hard Rain, there were witches standing in the exact spot of every exit of the sugar mill,

Nice comic too, gave me a chuckle.

It was a really funny comic, good job.

This is definitely the most clever thing I’ve seen on facepunch. Its nice to see someone using dialogue as their focus instead of silly faces or “randomness”. I agree with Gmod4ever about using the emoticons in the speech bubbles but, man, every frame was funny in a really surprising way. Bravo to you, friend.

I enjoyed this quite a bit!

Weird and funny. Loved the oddly amusing dialog. The witch made me laugh.

Nice. Loved the use of dialouge for humor. Reminds me of Clerks.

The comic doesn’t appear for me. Weird.