!stuck command

I’m looking for a unstuck command for my GMod server its running Hover-skater and you’ll get stuck easy can anyone post a anti stuck or something?

there is a wired teleport module tutorial somewhere in youtube.
with and expressoin chip it can watch for !stuck and teleport you where you want…
maybe some vectors to push your position only but i dont know how it works.

I’m using hover-skate (game mode) it doesn’t allow to use q menu it only allow to click F2 to get a board to make stunts on

then you need a lua coded autorun file, which does the same
for example download the ‘rave break’ addon.
it is a simple lua file which scans for !ravebreak.
so you can change that into anything and for the rest ask a lua coder

Okay thanks for your help

I can make it so it kills yourself, but it (might)would be difficult to find a way out.

please dont post this is in wrong section and there already is a kill command in the mod

Im not. For all I know, it could be disabled.