Stuck in a rock crevice

I’m in a bit of a pickle. I found a neat rock crack to hide in when I logged off earlier this morning, but logging in, I found out I can’t get out. Doing some research, there was an unstuck feature, but garry removed it. I removed my clothing and am currently waiting for hunger to kill me off. I would craft a grenade to speed the process, but I can’t place a workbench.

Other than waiting for a good hour to die of hunger, I was thinking of finding a noclip or wall hack to get out, then remove the hack and reinstall the game for good measure, but I’m afraid of being VAC banned. My question essentially is, does VAC operate from player reports or is it fully automated and will find me? If I used a noclip/wall hack for 5 seconds to get myself unstuck while no one is looking and never used it again, do I still run the risk of being banned?

If there is even the slightest risk of being banned even though no one will see me, I don’t want to try it and just wait out the hunger death. I just really hope I can reach my pack without getting stuck again.

For those of you wondering, the rock crack is somewhere in the eastern half of Coast Mountain, west/southwest of “Civ. Two”. I’ll try to find a more precise location if I can.

  • Press F1
  • Type: Suicide
  • Press ENTER
  • ???
  • Profit

Well, I’ll be damned. Was not aware of F1. Thanks.

EDIT: Retracing my steps, the crevice is in the M11 square on facing somewhat north.

Well as far as being stuck in a rock 3 options, have an admin teleport you out, starve to death or suicide. Yes hacking WILL get you banned from the game. When you start the game VAC scans your game files. If it finds something you are flagged and get banned during the next ban wave. There is no way around this and only 1 case was ever recorded of an accidental VAC ban during MW2. Unless you are a genius coder who writes a way to convince VAC that all the files are in order when they are not and never share your code with anyone you will get banned.

I get how it works now. Hindsight, I should’ve realized being banned from a game just to get unstuck in one unimportant server was a dumb consideration. I don’t even play on that server anymore since a small hostile clan moved in, so I found another low player one.

I should’ve researched a little more and I would’ve eventually found the F1 function. I’m good now and definitely NOT wanting to cheat, although I am on the fence of getting my own server and going nuts with admin tools.

Funniest thing I heard today! Made my day bro…<3

Here’s the way to get out of that crevice w/o suiciding, teleporting, or anything like that: craft a small wooden storage box, hop on top of it and then climb out. There’s numerous spots where this technique will help you.

I tried that. The crevice was so awkward, I couldn’t place anything in it or outside it. As I stated, it’s in the M11 grid of facing north if you want to find it.