Stuck in Godmode?

Hello, yesterday I turned godmode on in my server for a minute, and ever since then i can’t turn it off at all, I’ve done the chat and console commands, reinstalled the plugin and i still can’t die. It says I have disabled God mode but he is still invulnerable. any help would be appreciated, thanks

Hey hahapingazzz,

Try to rename the oxide/plugins folder to something different and restart the server.
The godmode should be gone then.
Rename your folder again and restart and everything should be back normal.


Hey man, thanks for the reply. but I am unable to rename the plugins folder for some reason

Your using multiplay?
If your using a local machine or a rootserver it should work easily.

You can also try to delete the godmode plugin. And restart the server then.

Nah man, I’m using streamline servers. I am still stuck in Godmode I have completely deleted the plugin from the server and restarted multiple times, I have deleted and other plugins I thought could possibly clash with it in anyway, then restarted. I have tried everything I could possibly think of. how does something like godmode getting stuck on even happen? it’s ruining the game for me, I can’t even play the game properly as it is no fun not being able to die and it wouldn’t be fair if i was to get into a gunfight or something.

There’s a plugin cache folder also - maybe remove those files inside and restart server