Stuck in Rust Can't Move - Must Suicide?

I have gotten stuck in game, in between two “edges” in the landscape; what should I do?

I can make a video if anyone wants as well.

> Is this a glitch?

Another reason to play on a modded server, so you can just teleport home. Yeah, this is a new bug they need to fix.

Yeah, it popped up after the last update. I got stuck 6 times today, on a vanilla server, which meant every time it was like someone resetting my game progress and starting from scratch.

Not playing vanilla anymore. lol. WAY too much of a waste of time if you’re gonna spend 40 mins farming just to get stuck in the terrain and have someone else get it all.

Me and 2 other group members also have been stuck. In the update notes they actually said they fixed it. Turns out it’s worse now.

If you happen to have a buddy near by. Have him jump on your head to push you free.

This has happened to me at least 6 times since the update. I’m done with this game for awhile.

Oh goodie, a new bug. We were getting bored with all the old bugs right?

Carry wood with you at all times. I have been able to ‘escape’ from this by building a foundation under my feet. SOL if you get stuck inside someone else’s tool cupboard ranger.

Hmmm…a foundation. Hadn’t thought of that. It let you build one in the narrow space between rocks? I’ll have to try that next time.

Stuck on top of Mining Quarry between the engine and the fence =_=

A ladder can also work if you can place it.