Stuck in the ground bug

Hey guys. I haven’t been on rust in a while and wanted to play with some friends. When I joined a server I seemed to be stuck in the ground, I would say knee deep in the game. I can’t move, jump, crouch, or anything. I have suicided countless times with the same problem. I have tried different servers, I verified the game cache, had an admin teleport me, and even re-installed the game. Nothing seems to be fixing this. Do you guys have any suggestions?

When the admin tpd you, did he try putting you a few feet up in the air, to see if that did anything? maybe give that a go? might cause you to become unstuck perhaps? I’ve never seen this before

I’m sorry I failed to mention that I can’t view my inventory, chat, or use any in-game menus.

Check your keybindings and see if they’ve been wiped. They shouldn’t be, but weirder things have happened.

I would say you must have a corrupted/faulty install or something along those lines (hopefully). I would uninstall Rust from steam, make sure the directory is deleted, then reinstall and hope for the best.

Edit: sorry, I didn’t see you had already reinstalled.

Wouldn’t re-installing the game reset me keybinds?

Sounds pretty severe! is there anything like errors popping up in the in game console when you are in game (F1)?

The fact that you are having the problem across multiple servers suggests there is an issue with your PC or installation, but then again you’ve reinstalled and reverified the cache etc.

Have you recently switched between the experimental branch and normal game or similar? or having any other issues with other games in general or just rust? I’m a bit stumped - can you confirm if the console is lighting up with Errors when you are in game?

Nothing out of the ordinary in the console. Rust is the only game with this issue, I have switched from the experimental recently but re-installing the game fresh would make that have no effect?

Yeh it would, just trying to cover all bases…I only mention it as I recently had a player having lots of issues on joining my server - turns out he still had the experimental branch set as the main option, so when he joined a normal server he kept getting violation kicks pretty much immediately.

I’m gonna try it on a different computer here.

I guess if it works for you on another computer, un-install again and make sure all rust files are deleted before reinstalling, could be some files left behind perhaps that are causing the issue. other than that I got no idea

Yeah it did work on the other PC. I’ll make sure no files were left behind.

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The rust folder was still in common when I uninstalled. I removed that and re-installed and it worked! :smiley: Thanks for the help.
nstalled and it worked! :smiley: Thanks for the help.

Thats great to hear mate. Glad it worked for you

That specifically would clear your keybinds, it’s a known issue. Settings can be saved in places that don’t get cleared fully, sometimes.