Stuck in this bloody river, surrounded, led by fanatics, this is where it ends.

Almost entirely ingame.

Music fit really nice. Good pic.

Awesome pic bubba

Kinda sad feeling.
Overall looks great =)

I love how crowded and hectic this is. Great posing and depth.

The only nice thing about this mac is its 2560 by 1440 resolution. Otherwise I hate it. The point was, though, I could see the entire image, easily. And therefore love the image all at once.

Just noticed it- the machine gun, the disc one, is floating. But I would assume that was collision fault, and not posing fault?

everything you make is just awesome



You just made my week. This is amazing and I love it. Thank you.

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Suggest you up it to a different host though so our resident Russians can see it

I just imagined how awesome this would be with some decent cast shadows.

I really want to do more Red Army poses now and this time not ruin them with the godawful direction my editing style has started to take but I’m halfway through posing something special and I’m not sure if I should take on another project before that’s done and this is all your fault bubba HNNGGNGNGNNGnhfggg make more of these please

Was hesitating to actually do more, not to bore people and all, but if you guys want some more, I can make some more. :v:

may i suggest music wich doesnt make me cry? :slight_smile:

Well-made WWII pictures will never bore me, especially Eastern Front ones.

Thank you, means a lot. :buddy: