Stuck on "connecting"

Hi guys,

Since yesterday’s update i’m stuck on “connecting” on every server i try to join.
Nothing else happens, no time out, no error message.

Tried to join with console using client.connect, it keeps connecting, and still have no error message on console.
The owner of a server i tried to join told me that my attempt shows nothing on server log. im invisible.

also tried to :

  1. reinstall Rust
  2. update graphic driver
  3. update windows
  4. connect with another steam account
  5. shutdown my firewall
  6. clear my comp ( cleared memory, HD, DNS, viruses, cookies, registry… )
  7. Manually restart steam client services
  8. Reboot router

i dont know what else to try without error message to help :confused:

I have the same problem. Please have a solution right to play like others !!.

Might be related to RakNet ?

I dont know if it’s good or bad news…
Since last update i have a new bug, i cannot start rust… i can read “Running self check” then it closes really quick.

feels like im not going to be able to play for a while :’(