Stuck on Facepunch splash screen!

I’ve tried everything really, uninstalling, force opening, deleting local and program files, i still can’t seem to get off this screen. I’ve also been waiting for about 30minutes and still no give in. Any help from any nice people or just boxes?

Edit: Here is the picture of the screen


find error.log, crash.dmp and output_log.txt in rust folder ( idk exact location, you can refer here ). and pass it to the dev.

I had the same problem, google these and install both: vcredist_x64.exe and vcredist_x86 .exe this helped me and few of my friends.

is it only for 64 bits or does can i try to instal this with a 32bit ?

changed nothing for me i installed the 86 , couldnt install the 64 (i think its for the 64b windows) so still waiting for a fix