Stuck on "Fetching Addons" at GMOD startup.

The workshop download UI in the game hangs up at startup and freezes into a non-responsive state when I start up the game. I have unsubbed to everything and it worked again, redownloaded a small amount of 60 addons and then it gets stuck into a non-responsive state again after working a few times. Is there anyway to fix this?

Get better HDD or uninstall addons.

You are freezing when loading addons.

Well seeing as I said I’ve done one of these things before, and…the other isn’t possible your post was utterly useless. Because if I can’t play with addons I cannot play the servers I commonly play on.

Most server won’t have 100+ addons
And 100 won’t cause most pc to freeze, except when you have a very bad hdd
Just uninstall some you don’t need

For me it just takes moment