Stuck on loading resources on single player

Help when ever i go on any map or on any gamemode on single player it just leaves me on loading resources.

Give some more information.

From what I see here you need to grab a cup of tea and just wait it out. Many computers have this problem because they have a slow Processor.
Either upgrade it or live with how it is now, it takes a long time for joining.

I left my computer on for 1 hour when i was seeing some fireworks and still not loading, so i went on task manger and it said it’s not responding.

Odd. It often takes alot of time.
Free your RAM and disable all backgrund applications then try again

Too much addons. Gmod appears that it cannot load infinite addons.

AntiNaizi THANKS YOU WERE RIGHT :smiley:

NICE ONE sorry for no report, i forgot to report back. I was so happy i was so distracted on single player that i forgot to.