Stuck on Loading Screen but I can still hear things around me.

When I join a server it loads until Sending Client Info. It stops two bars away from the end.
Then I can hear things as if I was in the server. People talking, footsteps, and Sound Effects.
For a while, the SCPRP server and some others worked. After I joined a 1942RP server it went back to that problem.
Although it did happen before this until I stopped playing and played again.

I’ve got friend with just the same problem! He also mentioned that he is running on Intel integrated graphics, although he never had any problems before.

Hey I’m running that too, 4690k If I remember correctly.

Now we have got to wait until devs notice that thread.


How long does that usually take?

Not sure if this was fixed but I was having this issue as of a few hours ago. If you have discord overlay on for gmod make sure to turn it off. That’s what was causing the problem for me.

It’s already off

I have no idea :slight_smile:

Also, my buddy doesn’t even have Discord installed, so it’s not the problem.

It’s definitely my intel integrated graphics.

bump Has this had any fixes? or news? Looking for a fix for two people trying to join my server. Seems both are on laptops with Intel Integrated Graphics.

Seems like my buddy has finally connected, after he’s cleaned up his addon list and re-installed the game, though he still has frequent awkward lags.