stuck on loading screen cant join any server

Hello i got game crash and stuck in loading screen when it says WAITING FOR CHARACTER game just crash again i do relogs\ restarts nothing work also cant join any server pls help

I also have this problem. Game starts and everything, but as soon as I start loading the server it crashes on me (becomes unresponsive and have to force-quit it). Mostly happens on “Waiting for character”, but also has happened before that phase.
Running OSX 10.9 Mavericks, 13-inch Macbook Pro late 2011. Also Opted into dev branch but no luck.

I’m having the same issue on my server. Stuck at waiting for character loading into the server. This happened a couple weeks ago after a server crash and has been like this since. I don’t want to do a server wipe just for my own individual problem. Is there a way to reset the server, and then return it to it’s previous state after a wipe? Meaning wipe the server and put a file back in the ftp where all the player buildings are back where they were before the wipe?