Stuck on recieving data

I’ve reinstalled the game, restarted my computer and idk what else to do. No matter was server i try it wont load past receiving data and just sits there.


I guess i should of been more specific. I dont think that is an issue i run a 860m nvidia on an intel i7. but ive been playing rust for 5 months now. It was just a random occurrence when i died and i just got stuck on receiving data when reloading. Reinstalled the game twice and still couldnt log on the two servers i play on which is rustafied medium and rustynation battlefield,

I found myself in game when i got back to my computer after 3 hours of leaving it on receiving data. Logged back out and tried to reload just to see if the issue is gone. I have found myself yet again stuck on receiving data. Note i watched it for the first hour so it took more than an hour to load in the first time. I dont know what is going on.