Stuck on startup screen.

When I start up garrysmod it just goes the the start screen (man standing there with phys gun and tool gun) but no “play” “quit” and those things. Am I missing files? Any help would be appreciated, thanks. Oh and disregard my other thread about it not loading at all.

Oh…what resolution are you running, exactly? If you can’t see ANYTHING but that guy with the physgun on his shoulder and the toolgun (Background) then you should re-install Garry’s Mod. If you are getting the “Out of Memory” issue (and I know you did NOT post a thread with that issue) make sure you’ve exited G-Mod, right click Garry’s Mod, Click Properties and Goto the Tab “Local Files” and then click on Verify Integerity of Game Files. Then once it’s done, restart steam and do with with any of the games mounted with G-Mod. If you do not do it with the games Mounted to Garry’s Mod, it will become corrupted. Now listen, when the “Verify Integerity” thing is almost done loading and if it’s not responding, you must reinstall that game you were trying to Verify. Once you do that, DEFRAGMENT their cache Files (you can see the option in the “Local Files” Tab. After it’s done, Verify the Game’s files. And continue doing so with the rest of the games mounted with Garry’s Mod. After all games have been mounted, Launch Garry’s Mod again. And if the problem continues for some reason, it’s commonly suggested that you should contact STEAM Support. If you’re seeing Purple and Black Checkers, exit g-mod and then update your drivers. I recommend getting a faster processor too if g-mod is running slow and using too much RAM :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope this helped,