Stuck on waiting for character - Khaos Zone server

Loads everything but character and I can hear ambient noise when im stuck on waiting for character

Edit: This happened with the crash earlier today, when the server first came back up I tried connecting and ran into the problem and still having the same issue now after the server seems to have been stable for a while(30+ ppl on, was just 1-2 when it was crashing and restarting earlier)

Anybody else experiencing this? I will reset if it’s stuck.

Nope, i can still load and spawn in Kaos.
So no reset is needed.

hmm, well im still completely stuck and unable to play on this server, which I really like so if there’s anything that can be done to fix my issue that would be awesome

Stryfe is there like a forum for the server i would be gald to sign up if there is!

I don’t have a forum for the server. I grabbed it because they hinted that there was a limited supply and I didn’t want to be left out. :slight_smile:

Post here for now with issues. Basically I am going to try to keep it up to date, minimize wipes, and see what happens.

Sounds good if you need any help im here!

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Also if you want to make a forum sometime i can help set it up as well

I’m having the same problem with Brother Agust’s PVE. Server crashed, now I can’t log in - stuck at waiting for character. Tried restarteing rust, tried restarting steam. no joy. I have no problem getting on other servers.

Problem solved with server reset… (full wipe).

I’m having the same issue on my server. Stuck at waiting for character loading into the server. This happened a couple weeks ago after a server crash and has been like this since. I don’t want to do a server wipe just for my own individual problem. Is there a way to reset the server, and then return it to it’s previous state after a wipe? Meaning wipe the server and put a file back in the ftp where all the player buildings are back where they were before the wipe?