Stuck -Prop Hunt gamemode

Hello Facepunch community, im trying to make it possible so that the ‘Hunter’ team can take damage from the enemy team, yet I cant seem to find out how to make it happen. (I’m working on a last prop standing, and this is the final piece i need for the puzzle)
Any and all suggestions are helpful!!

Look at some of these hooks, it is likely that gamemode is blocking the damage in one of these hooks:



Could you provide a link to the gamemode you are using?

Thank you for your response, this is the one im using:

I’m quite the beginner in glua, and im trying to make things for the better

EDIT: Love the avatar by the way xD

I downloaded the gamemode and found the hook where the damage is being handled:

function EntityTakeDamage(ent, dmginfo)
    local att = dmginfo:GetAttacker()
    if GAMEMODE:InRound() && ent && (ent:GetClass() != "ph_prop" && ent:GetClass() != "func_breakable" && ent:GetClass() != "prop_door_rotating" && ent:GetClass() != "prop_dynamic*") && !ent:IsPlayer() && att && att:IsPlayer() && att:Team() == TEAM_HUNTERS && att:Alive() then
        att:SetHealth(att:Health() - HUNTER_FIRE_PENALTY)
        if att:Health() <= 0 then
            MsgAll(att:Name() .. " felt guilty for hurting so many innocent props and committed suicide
hook.Add("EntityTakeDamage", "PH_EntityTakeDamage", EntityTakeDamage)

You can see on the third line there is multiple checks depending, mostly, on the attacker and victim. Have a play with them and see if you can get it to work.

Edit: The code to edit is in init.lua on line 63

Alrighty, sounds good, thank you!

If you have trouble understanding the operators in the code, then take a look here: