Studdeh Buddeh

I’m try to learn Lua for garrys mod. I don’t know much at all, so I’m trying to find some one to help me. I was hoping to find a study buddy, or a master of lua who might be able to help me. Either would work.

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I woudl say first, above all, go to the Garry’s Mod Wiki and look at Lua there, and then ask a pro at it for tips or help on something.

When I was trying to learn Lua I went there, but it dosnt tell you how to do anything interesting in Gmod. All it dose is gives you a small idea of what some things might mean, but it wont tell you how to make a gamemode that allows you to have pickup powers or something. A Garry’s Mod Wiki on how to start off how to make a Gamemode with some general ideas would be nice. Try and make a weapon for the first time using this will definatly lead to a humiliating fail (I somehow crashed my game this one time)

Well of course it doesn’ ttell you how to make your gamemode because it hasn’t been made yet.

It tells you how to use LUA. (Or a large amount of it.) You use LUA to make stuff in GMod.

Also, read Pil:
The trick is to find what you want to do, then make it happen. If your looking for a tutorial, if you will, on a first gamemode, there’s a series of youtube videos here:

When you get further along, try making one of these:

Honestly, I don’t usually do video tutorials, but if your looking for ideas of things you can do, they’re the ideal place to look.

I agree.
I wanna learn how to make PlayerModels.

Player Models != Lua [true]
Player Models == Modelling [true]

Lol, PlayerModels…Models…M…O…D…E…L…S
Why are you still here, shouldn’t you be “Studdehin” :stuck_out_tongue:


Btw, The way I learned is from looking through other peoples gamemodes then looking up the functions in those gamemodes on the wiki…Then I just started using my imagination and wondering what I could change, how I could make it how I like it… it was easier for me that way

That’s the way I learned Roblox.Lua. XD