Studio compiler installation difficulty

I’m trying to install StudioCompiler, the one found on Kathar’s site.

But i’ve come under some proplems, it’s having trouble finding some dll’s. I replaced one, then it asked for another, the tier.dll. I found a replacement, put it in the system32 folder and now its coming up with this.

What am i to do? :ohdear:


Are you sure you downloaded erix’s fixed one?

Also, your problem is also listed on his error page


Yes i’m using the fixed one, and the proplem listed on the errors page is not related to installing it. Which is my proplem. thanks for the reply.

There is no installation for this, it’s a stand-alone exe.

:o… OH! I thought it was an installation thing that i got from Kathars site, cause the original one was.
Well, all fixed now. Thankyou for the help :D.