StudioCompiler - Unable to load model?

I’m using Erix920’s fixed version here and whenever I select the model and click extract it just gives me the error “Unable to load model” when the model is right there.

Is it an outdated issue? Should I be using a different version or program?

Thanks for any help.

You need to hex edit the MDL so that it reads IDST, instead of IDST0 in the header. It’s a version thing.

Thanks for the reply, don’t know if this will sound stupid, but will editing it simply with notepad work?

I tried it with both notepad and xvi32 and it’s still going unable to load. All I actually did though was remove the 0 beside IDST. Am I doing it wrong?

You have to overwrite the zero not remove it. The fifth entry (corresponding to 0) will be 30 in xvi32. You need to replace it with 2c which in turn corresponds to ,

Should have put it in quotes

“IDST,” the comma is a part of it. I knew what you meant, but it could be a bit confusing in the context you put it in.

Thank you. That did the trick