Studiocompiler "Unable to load Model"

I cant get it working as the Title says and that happends with like 95% of my Models.
A few are actually working, need help.

Change “IDST0” into “IDST,”.

Apperantly i dont have such a File, is that even a file?

Open the mdl file and change the text.

I opened it with Notepad++ and deleted the 0 at the beginning of the text, still doesnt work :frowning:

Edit: ahh didnt see the “,” thought it was a typo.
Thanks man :smiley: works

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oh god…now the errors gone but the 3 SMD’s and the VTF wont appear only the QC is there but with 0 bytes.
“Model dumped” does not appear either -.-

bump :frowning:

What model are you using.

Im using a few Miranda, Nude Adriana, Katsumi etc but now when i changed the “IDST,” i cant spawn them no more ingame the game just crashes :frowning: although i changed it back to “IDST0”

It’s best to open the mdl in a hex editor and OVERWRITE the 0 or with a , (alternatively the 30 with 2c). Against OVERWRITE and not delete and add.

Hey cool Thanks :smiley:
That seems to be working now, the model gets dumped.

What are you going to do anyway? :v:

Im just trying to Headhack few models :smiley: if you allow that :stuck_out_tongue: