StudioComplier error

When i try to run StudioCompiler i get this error.

I put it in my sourcesdk/bin folder but its still not working.
Any help? What am i doing wrong?

Anyone? Or can you reccomend something similar?

Put it in sourcesdk/bin/ep1/bin.

cheers mate, but now im getting other errors.
While steam is running online and offline.

And this is when steam isnt on at all.

Could you help me out again?

Go into your garrysmod/garrysmod folder (if your compileing for GMod) and open the txt file called “gameinfo”, find where it says:

ToolsAppId				211

and change it to:

ToolsAppId				-211

then save it. That should fix it, but you will have to do this everytime you want to compile/decompile something with StudioCompiler or GUIStudioMDL (StudioMDL doesn’t have this issue) as the gameinfo.txt file is regenerated as new everytime you load the game (GMod).

Or, open the .exe in a text editor (like notepad), find TOOLSAPPID and change it to FOOLSAPPID. Perma fix.

This is normal, steam must be turned on with the sdk.

The .exe?
thanks for helping everyone by the way.

The .exe.

where do i find it?

In sourcesdk/bin/ep1/bin.

Can’t find it. Dose it go by another name?

No its called studiocompiler.exe and there’ll be a studiomdl.exe aswell. If there not in your sdk/bin/ep1/bin, there probberly in your sdk/bin or sdk/bin/orangebox/bin folder and if they are you must move them to your sdk/bin/ep1/bin or they wont work.