Studiomdl.exe very slow - optimization tips

I happen to convert a lot of models using studiomdl.exe for my “mod”.
This process is really quite slow, and can take up to a minute for relatively high-poly model on my computer.

Does anyone know how to speed up things? I noticed that studiomdl spends a lot of time generating sw.vtx and dx80.vtx files which I don’t need.
According to Valve wiki:

Does anyone know how to disable generation of sw.vtx and dx80.vtx files? I didn’t find any console parameters for it.

Maybe someone knows other optimization tips for studiomdl? I am already doing this in parallel with python script, so now I have to do something with the executable itself.

My command line for studiomdl.exe:

studiomdl.exe -game C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer/hl2 -nox360 -nop4 -striplods C:\game_demo\player_gman_hd_male_2\gman_high.qc

This is more apt for the modeling section, but consider using the SFM compiler. You might get a warning in the gmod console, but it’s much faster to compile and seems to work fine

Also the Insurgency compiler is much faster than the Garry’s Mod one.

Crowbar with the Source SDK Base 2013 will work just fine without any console errors.

That’s what he’s already using, but it’s too slow for him

Thank you very much for your replies. I should definitely check the SFM one!

Crowbar is just a wrapper around CLI tool “studiomdl.exe”, which is a part of Source SDK. So yes, I am already using it.

If your model is big or complex, don’t expect it to take 1 minute to compile, even if you’re working with a “HD model” according his name
It’s normal, studio mdl translates and compresses those smd files, 9mb files can take up 1 minute to compile, i can’t imagine that hd model

Use Left 4 Dead 2’ studiomdl, then in file C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer/hl2/gameinfo.txt (or where your Crowbar points to) add SupportsDX8 0 line.

Not recommended to use this trick though as several glitches may occur.

Thank you guys for help!

For one of my rather small sample models the time with standard studiomdl.exe from SDK was 14 seconds.
When I replaced it with Source Filmmaker studiomdl.exe the time went to 6.9 seconds.
When I added SupportsDX8 0 time decreased to 4.5 seconds! This is awesome.

I haven’t tried Left4Dead2 compiler, but I guess it should be similar to SFM. Anyway, I am satisfied with this result now.