Stuff About GCombat.

Alright, so I just FINALLY got into SVN because I was so out of date. I got everything for Wire, PHX, HatMaker. But I forgot GCombat, so I decided to look around, and the help I found was a little complicated.

I know this is the SVN repository link:

But I’ve heard people say that SVN link is out of date! Is there a more up to date version of SVN, or should I just download GCombat08? Do I need to download GCX as well? Do Karbine’s Weapons come with GCX? Or is that all included with the newer version of GCombat08?

I know what GCombat09 is, so I won’t download that either.

Any help will be appreciated, thanks in advance!

EDIT: Okay, overlooking this says maybe a list would be better.

  1. Is the SVN link out of date?
  2. Is there a more up to date version, compared to SVN?
  3. Should I go find GCombat08 and download that?
  4. Is GCX included with the new GCombat08?
  5. Is Karbine’s Weapons included in GCX? (If GCX is included in the new GCombat08 - is Karbine’s Weapons included with it?)