Stuff DarkRP needs


I am not going to go into detail as to what is wrong with DarkRP as RenegadeMaster has already gone over that in this thread with his AMAZING reply. I agree with everything he’s said.

Today, I am going to be focusing on the part where he blames DarkRP players of not RPing.

I am going to provide suggestions as to how each job could be improved.

This could be added in order to create a 911 call center where people can actually call and police can actually go and help with the person’s house being raided or him being kidnapped.

This could also be used by other jobs to call other players.

A police car with a siren (like a TDM car) could also be implemented.

An ambulance along with the Medic being able to receive 911 calls could be implemented so the job could be made more interesting.

The Mayor should be able to propose taxes and/or become a dictator and/or set any law he desires. (like banning KOS zones)

Bus Driver:*
Set bus stops should exist. A set route that the driver has to follow should also exist.

Taxi Driver:*
Again, the phone could be implemented so people could call a taxi.

Hobos should be able to build wherever they want and get hired by people to do different things (ex. Transport printers etc.) for a bit of money

*Jobs with * don’t exist in all servers
New jobs:

Person who transports stuff:
This person could have a vehicle with some kind of storage area and people could pay him to transport their stuff (ex. printers)

Printer Seller:
Instead of players being able to buy them by themselves, they would have to go to this guy to buy them.

Television person:
This person would be able to broadcast things using the RT camera, and people would be able to tune in with a screen.

Radio person:
This person would be able to broadcast things via a radio and inform people of different events in the city (this could be combined with a journalist job!)

Insurance person:
This person could insure people’s printers/weapons for a certain amount of money and pay them back incase they get stolen.

Security expert:
This person could create alarms and add cameras for people who want to protect their homes.

Mentioned below

A fire disaster addon along with a fire alarm addon could be added. Fires would happen randomly and people would have to call Firefighters to get them extinguished.

A random earthquake system could be added so it would ruin people’s bases once in a while.


EDIT: I am not saying that all of these should be added at once in one server, I am just giving suggestions to server owners.

Your overthinking whats meant to be a simple, fun, action filled gamemode and turning it into something like CityRP which it isn’t meant to be.

Do you seriously think DarkRP is fun right now? People are always just basing somewhere, printing money and then hiding and buying more printers. Police is doing nothing. Medics just go around healing random people and the gamemode in general has become, in many people’s opinion, really repetitive and boring.

There should be as few coded-in jobs as possible and more effort should be focused on player-made jobs (like the /job thing included with DarkRP but a little more advanced). Maybe a better term for the jobs in darkrp would be Roles, which would really just be templates that give you basic abilities or different shop inventories. The abilities of Roles should be simplified and open to allow further customization of the character by each player. You can work for the Government, which allows for you to arrest people and do political stuff, but you choose your own job name, playermodel, and overall play-style. There would have to be a hierarchy to most of the roles, though. Or else there would be no mayor. I’m not sure how you’d decide that.

actual RP rather than printer-fest basewars #9659949

I definitely agree with the idea to make a ‘printer seller’ job

the problem I see with the printer job is that anyone with the job could farm by themselves, or the printer seller will only do business with their group of gangster friends.

Well same goes for the gun dealers.

How does the 911 phone idea seem to you? It would really make police officers more useful and it would be more fun.

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A lot of the jobs I suggested don’t need coding really. I mean, the person who transports stuff and the insurance person don’t need any coding. The printer seller and the security expert need very little coding (being able to sell printers and access to wire respectively)

P.S. I totally agree with your opinion on failrp. It is retarded.

Am I the only one surprised that this is not full of troll posts?

Why would it be?

911 is a good idea

Another idea I just got is that if police could randomly raid bases (for printers and shit) people would be encouraged to build the interior of their house in order to hide printers under or inbetween props.

I already created an earthquake system back in DarkRP v2.2 - except nobody ever turns it on! - it is rp_earthquakes 1

A lot of the stuff you mentioned is already planned to be in my WIP gamemode (firefighters, televisions, spreadable diseases, containers, item manufacture) It doesn’t have fixed jobs though, you create organizations yourself (public organizations are set by the server owner).

DarkRP is essentially cops and robbers.

You want roleplay? Remove printers, remove paid bonuses, remove admins. Don’t let anyone spawn with weapons. Have the cops keep people in check.

Less job variety is better than more, encourage citizens to /job to something they enjoy. The most fun I’ve had in DarkRP was selling washing machines to random folks, and having another player start up a competing washing machine business. People will often use the tools and props at their disposal to fit into the job they want (roleplay!).

Make guns expensive and hard to come by. Guy goes on a rampage? That’s not rule breaking, that’s dedication. He spent hours saving for that pistol, just so he could kill some folks before his miserable life ended.

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