Stuff from the editing thread (one post, five pictures - what a bargain!)

And here’s my edit of Vman’s latest picture, although I’m not happy with this because I spent ages editing in all of the blood and then got mega lazy with the rest of it:

Thanks for viewing!

Last is the best.

I got gipped
The 2 and 3 aren’t that good at all.
The rain looks quite bad. It looks too thick
the lighting on the marine just looks off to me.
the rest I don’t have a problem with

Last is the better, its just plain awesome.
The first looks quite cool too.

Thet are all nice, but the lightning in picture 3 looks a bit odd to me.

T-Rex picture is awesome. Lightening appears to thick though.


Thanks guys.

The monster in the first pic has no shadows, looks like he’s floating above the ground.

You can see the shadows under the fullbright grass effects. It’s not a problem I could have solved, especially seeing as I didn’t pose these pictures.

crap, the last one is awesome, but I don’t understand why the exo have an human in his hand :?

Me neither, perhaps we should consult the poser on this issue.

Very nice…
palettes for you!

There is always a way. Did a quick example, so it doesn’t look good, but an improvement none the less.

Holy crap I love the second one.

What did you do with the picture that was an improvement Peekabo? I only notice that some parts are a bit more opaque :v:

He added a shadow :v:

Their all superb editing, except for the dinosaur one, that one isn’t your best.

Is that the Dinosaur from Tomb Raider?

Looks nothing like a shadow, looks like he just selected a part infront of the dude and lowered the contrast in it but, yeah we can call that a minor touch I guess.