Stuff I'm making on my journey learning 3D modelling

My models so far

First thing I made in blender to get a grip on navigating around

Second thing I made. I love Star Wars, so I thought, huhhm, a lightsaber is just a cool looking cylinder.

Sci-fi ornament
Wanted to make more sci-fi stuff.

Street lamp
After having messed around with the emitter material for the first time I wanted to make a simple lamp of sorts.

Then I made a blocky E-11, the plan was to make a proper E-11, but that was and probably is too hard for my current skill level. (First time experimenting with a reference picture)

Low poly Sword
Made a low poly sword following some random concept art I found.

After having made a sword, I wanted to try something bigger and where I couldn’t just rely on copying the concept art nearly 1:1.
Plant Box
After having made the table I wanted to make a plant box. Might make some sort of plant next, like cabbage or something, the green stuff is my take on cabbage but looks like massive emeralds or something.

Plant Box with weird gel
Tried adding glass material to the “cabbage” and it ended up looking kind of like a gel of sorts.

Now, present day, I don’t know what is next, but I may make some basic vegetables or other plants, maybe trees. Though I may also make another lightsaber or perhaps a chair to go with my table.

I learn by just making stuff and then searching for a tutorial if I get stuck, seems to work the best for me. This is from about a week of learning on and off while playing other games like Battlefront 2, CS:GO and GTA V RP.


Make sure to watch the donut and anvil tutorial.

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ian hubert has some quick tutorials on how to do pretty cool stuff. taught me a lot of blender things i know today.

Held a little brake, but did some more stuff the past few days.
Darth Terry background
I simply changed his eye color, posed him up and gave him a saber, but god damn, is he one evil motherf*ucka! (made the saber like that to reflect Terry’s clunky persona)

I wanted to see how porting directly is done, so I tried doing that to Dooku’s saber and an E-11 from BF2. Was pretty cool to see how the big boys (Dice) do things.
Dooku’s Lightsaber
Made the blade myself since it’s apparently an effect in BF2 and not a part of the mesh? Weird

To me, it looks a bit funky, but that might just have to do with how the player sees the gun in-game, I think I did the texture stuff correctly.

I find hard surface modelling very satisfying, so I’ve been doing some of that.
Weird lamp thing:

Bed & Cloth sim
First time trying cloth sim here, love the pillow, the sheets are meh though.

Some SWTOR inspired models
Sci-fi crate
Yes, that hole on the side is for “slicing”.

Storage Thingy

Data Terminal

Dunno what it’s called, let’s call it a fancy wheelbarrow

Table from my living room
Messed a bit around with texturing here and with the sci-fi crate. Hard to get nice looking models without being a god of textures and materials, kinda sucks though, modelling is the fun part.

Grodbert mentioned I should watch the donut and anvil tutorial, so I was like, meh, I can easily make those idk if it’s worth. Instead, I made an anvil without the tutorial (though it’s based on the anvil from the tutorial, not like I see an anvil every day, so I needed a reference) and as fast as I could, took about 5 min I think, looking back though, I could’ve done it quicker if I wasn’t so tired at the time.

I think I’ve got a grip on the tools, but I don’t have much of an “artistic touch” or the slightest clue on how to make good looking textures for very specific things with specific patterns (since anyone can just grab a generic metal material from some website and it’ll look meh), I think making textures is a tad too artistic for me though. I’m gonna keep at it though and just use references.

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He’s learning too fast… get him.

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Hi… uh, it’s been a while since the last post, 24 days now. Well, I’ve went camping for a few days, enjoyed our new pool and helped cutting down our hedge.

Some time ago, I joined r/daily3d and I’ve done a couple of the challenges here and there, here’s two of them.
Learned a couple things about the materials in blender.

Very cool fractal-like object
The settings was fun to mess around with.

Then I also made some vehicles a couple times, because I was waiting for a friend to finish work before we could play some Battlefront 2.
Was severely bored, so just messed around a bit and made something that turned out to be a boat.

Loved making this one, it was very satisfying and I did it without a reference in blender.

Random pc set-up
When I get bored I mess around in blender, this is what I made a couple days ago sometime at 3 am when I couldn’t sleep.

Low poly game/gamemode
At this point, I had also started making some low-poly assets for a low-poly survival game/gamemode. I’m currently the main modeler and UI guy (whenever we actually get s&box, since idfk how to do UI in unity). The currently sole coder is my good friend @DMAD777 who has been doing terrain generation and stuff, but that’s up to him to show eventually. Here are some models I made (not all models will be used, I just make a lot so we have more choices):
Bushes/berry bushes
Messed around with particles, because I wanted to scatter berries on the bush surface.

Love how these different styles of low-poly grass turned out.

Stone Pickaxe

Stone Axe

Tree variations
I have a hard time making trees look good, but at least the very typical pine trees are hard to fuck up.

Rock variations
These turned out, basically the way I imagined, so that was awesome.

Wooden base parts
Loved how the interior render turned out, floor planks might be a bit big, but eh.

They are probably a little too high-poly due to the crown on the two weapons, but I might try to decrease the poly’s on the crown, for now though, they are fine just for testing combat when that gets implemented.
The cool artistic lighting is done using lights and not a material, so it won’t looks this crazy in-game, if that’s even possible.


Spear and shield
What’s combat without a way to protect yourself from incoming jabs and magic, so I made a shield (and a spear since it was easy). Yes, this is my background right now.

That’s all for the survival gamemode.

Now, this wouldn’t be a normal post from me, if there wasn’t something Star Wars related, so I made some things.
Star HDRI for showcasing models
Found this on reddit, changed it up a bit to my liking and got a nice Star Wars model showcasing background. Here it is for anyone that wants to use it.

Made a shitty tie bomber

Plasteel Crate

Fallen order-inspired crate

Porting character models from Battlefront 2(2017)

I’m also working with a group of people aiming to bring a battlefront-like gamemode to S&Box. About half of them already have access since they have workshop items on garry’s mod, but since I don’t, I have to wait a couple months before joining them in S&Box.

Hope whoever bothers to look through my models, the shitty and the nice ones, enjoyed it :+1:

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