Stuff I've made.. It's all revolutionary!

Hi here’s some stuff…

Vtol Dropship thing.

273 Tonne tank.


40 Tonne tank.

Vtol thing I never finished.


god… thats awesome

I’ve never seen so much gay in my life.

I like gay.

That first VTOL is really cool have an artistic

I like the first vtol’s body alot but the cockpit is kinda…bad.

Yeah I’m a lazy shit… I’ll probs remake it as a much larger VTOL/dropship thing.

Sir, take your gay porn and walk right out of this bar.

Did somebody Say Revolutionary? :fuckyou:

Can they shoot while moving :smug:

omg they dont have suspensions and gyrostabalized guns that alwys hit target omg not revoluitonarryy

Really though, awesome stuff. I love the look of that 40 ton tank, reminds me of a Stingray light tank somewhat

I like tank number 2

Now that is revolutionary!

The turret on the first tank is fucking badass :buddy:

Indeed Revolutionary.

stop overusing the meme dammit

I forgot to add this…

A revolution goes round round round!

Saw the 273 ton on the server…
It’s huge, it’s mean and it’s overpowered as fuck.

What else are you supposed to mount a 10 tonne 203mm howitzer on!?