Stuff That Annoys You In Garry's Mod: MS Paint Edition

There was a thread like this a while back, and a v2 never got made. So I’m continuing it. If you didn’t see the thread before, basically just stuff that annoys you in Garry’s Mod, in an MS Paint image. Here’s my contribution.

Fuckin’ minges.

I really don’t know to draw this but:


They ruin the entire fucking game since everyone wastes their time and energy trying to kill one guy because they think he’s a Traitor.

It doesn’t have to be good, haha

Most annoying thing… ADMINS!!! They be disturbing my epic propminging fun-time.

Remember, it’s in IMAGE FORMAT. Not text.

Image format? okay

Omg, I’m gonna kill myself from watching this… Did you guys just got gmod and learned what the internet is?

I’m willing to bet a large sum of money you can’t even tell me what the Internet is.

Are you a minge/10 year old that wrecks every single god damned sandbox/RP server?

I’m prob older then u kid.

Oh yeah, well im 83!

Every. TTT. Round

Every. Traitor. Round.

I’m referring to being Traitor and just walking up to an Innocent and they just kill you and there excuse is something along the line of “He was aiming at me!” or “I knew he was about to kill me!”, or “I had no reason but he was a Traitor so it’s totally okay!”

(Credit to Loures for giving me the perfect image to edit.)

Hey, dude, you might be, because I’m only 12, but that doesn’t make any difference.
Age =/= Maturity, okay?
So… it seems that you think ruining peoples proper gameplay and fun, is pretty mature and fun, eh?
No, it isn’t.
Infact, you’re making the GMod Community look worse.

the fact that every ttt server is filled with small children

Holy shit if you’re really 12 then you got to be the best 12 I’ve seen in quite a while.

I found a server that has a age requirement (You must sound like you’re at least 16) to get on the mic or you get banned and it is AMAZING never having to hear a little kid.