Stuff you used for rust?

Hey I’m making a game and would like to know what you used for the crafting (inventory thing). I am not going to copy the game, its just I would like to use that same program.

(LISTEN) if its a custom made coding (you coded it yourself) then I wont ask for it. But if you bought the program from unity assets store THEN and only then will I ask for it.


Yeah no. Your probably copying the game. Just wait for its release then all you anxious fellas can play

If you are not copying the game, then you do not need to know how he made the crafting thing. The engine they use is unity, good luck coding in whatever language it uses. Hope you are graduated in IT.

You don’t need to go to school to know how to code…Programming is probably one of the few fields where a diploma isn’t necessary

100 TRUE

So if I told a 13 year old to make a game with C++, would he be able to do it? Generally, no.

Reductio ad absurdum