Stuffed Wolf

I shot the poor wolfie so hard that he become stuffed =D


Happened a couple times with me :smiley:

weird but true lol

this happens to zombies and player characters 2?

Never seen it happen with anything but wolves, but that’s just my personal experience.

the wolf was the only one that happened to me two, thats why i asked to see if this happens with other chars. If someone have record that or taken a screen put the link or something like that so i can see it xD

I usually have this bug if I shotgun a wolf. Don’t really encounter it if i’m using a melee weapon though.

I encountered it yesterday while using a bow.

That happened to me with a bear, but only once. Shotgun kill.

Every other time it was wolf. Gun kills too I think if iirc

It only happened to my with a shotgun, with the melee weapons doesn’t happen you say?

Funny :stuck_out_tongue:

Happened to me before as well

With this all new updates never happened to me again

how di i kill blek wolvs???