Stunstick NPC Animation


I want lé Stunstick SWEP to have the animation like a NPC Cop would hold it.
It says
“anim_prefix” “stunbaton”
in the ai_weapon_stunstick, but sadly it’s not a SetWeaponHoldType.
Still, I want to make it look more realistic (not the gay-crowbarish) for Machinima and RP purposes, but how?
All those don’t look like I want it to look.

The guy from OpenAura HL2RP made it work.

Thanks in Advance

He’s using NPC models instead of the player models.

Still you can do it with player models, just look at HL2RP, their combines are controlled by players and they still have that Stunstick animation :\

I think it’s something with ForcedAnimation or something, but I don’t really know LUA much.

He’s using one of the hooks that decides which animation to use on a player. Certain models have certain animations. Players are using the npc metrocop model and the hook plays the swing animation that default player models don’t have.

OpenAura uses rhe CalcMainActivity hook along with makingnthe player a NPC model.