Stupid Comments of the Gmod Community: Top 10

Being on Gmod 13 Workshop is a tough business for me, I have to put up with these people that have absolutely no fucking idea how to count, or god forbid even read a sentence. Some days, you just want to pull your hair out and others, just laugh at the sheer stupidity of some of the underage gamers trying to figure out how to select a weapon.

So over the amount of time while on, the workshop and my own addons, I compiled a Top 10 of the stupid comments i’ve seen. (Drumroll Please)

Number 10: Foreigners

Csak azt szeretném kérdezni mert látom hogy magyar vagy.Te ezt letoltotted??

Number 9: The terrible speller

my face tool is not working can u pleas tell me wats rong or give me a link or enything.

Number 8: The clueless

how to use it i dont no were i need to find it

Number 7: The impatient

The last update just broke everything, fix it!

Number 6: The dumb (My Swep Pack)

These are just props

Number 5: The oblivious (Gmod 13 Beta)

How come x doesn’t work

Number 4: Oh wow… (Gmod 13 Beta)

do I have to unzip it?

Number 3: DIDNT READ LOL (My Swep Pack)

why does my gun have no ammo??

Number 2: The Illiterate (My Swep Pack)

i cant switch weapons.

Number 1: Darwin Award

how do i download!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Please feel free to add the stupid and the funny comments you’ve seen on gmod addon content.

And have nice day :slight_smile:


People who rate dumb made the list…

Number 10: Foreigners

Csak azt szeretném kérdezni mert látom hogy magyar vagy.Te ezt letoltotted??

My Hungarian is a little rusty but google helps.
they said…
I just wanted to ask because I see that you have downloaded Hungarian vagy.Te this?

Where have you been lately siminov, have you not seen the more idiotic comments on

Well? Post them :slight_smile:

Hold on I am going through my history as of now trying to find the funny pages

So… if someone is from a different country and they speak that language, they’re stupid…? I don’t understand.

That’s more because of the fact that they speak a different language on an english speaking site.

And expect people (or the dev) to understand them.

I love you forever now Siminov

this video, comments


As a Hungarian, i’ll translate it: I just want to ask, because i see that you are Hungarian. Did you download this? This is the perfect translation.

By the way, number 1 was the funniest.

It doesn’t help that I have spoken it since I was four.


P.S. I love your FA:S Swep pack.

lolz it’s in the gmod workshop. ;p

I just seen one: People who quotes the whole OP. :v:

Here’s some: what is mouse 1.

how do you freeze stuff.

bronys suk ass im not down loding somthing frum a brony it prob has pony fag crap

Those are some