Stupid Derma Question

I am trying to make collapsible categories which I did but when you open one, its layered over the other one. How do you make it so once you open one category it slides the other one down? Also im not sure what its called but I want to add the color pallet like in ULX. You can type in the RBG values and it has a slider and color chart. Any help would be appreciated thank you!!!

Code please, and don’t forget lua tags.

Image would also be useful.

Well scratch that first part I did something different with my layout. But i still want the color selection here is a screenie

What your saying should happen automatically.

I think he wants something like a color wheel.

Can you clarify what exactly you want done and what is wrong in the above image?

awesome TY Llamalord exactly what i was looking for what about the slider bar on the side and the RBG values u can type in?