stupid gmod keeps installing the orange box!!!

Everytime i go to play gmod it installs all the orange box games

Hl2 ep 1
Hl2 ep 2
Team fortress 2

I always have half-life2 installed but i don’t have enough memory for those games especially tf2. It only installs those games when i run gmod. Ive tried removing the games from the extensions (its different now cus the update) but when I exit game and run it again it doesn’t save the settings and it installs them again how do I make it stop installing them???!?!?!??

Open up space for them.

Rate me bad reading.

Unmount them.

Mounting/unmounting isent posible anymore

ya see it wont work what do i do?

I am trying to ask everyone is there way to do it “manualy” like editin some file or somthing.

I hope Garry the genius fixes it

He is going to fix this maybe in next month.

And with it i mean end of the next month.


Sure. You’ll just have to get the source file responsible for the mounting, ask Garry. There’s probably a line somewhere referring to the GCFs, just comment it out and compile it.

You can unmount. Extensions menu. Click the other tab. PROFIT.

Do this.

i already tried that im not stupid it doesnt save the settings idk why

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Try Gmod 9.

You got it buddy :v:

-snip, wrong thread-

Yes it is, Extensions>Game content> unmount some

Whoops, apparently I’m late

Edit: he got banned he desrved that for spamming random topics with a spam message :hampants: