Stupid lousy physics - EPIC BROKEN PHYSICS HELP !!!

The picture above is using statue tool to stuck in the original posture.

This one is when I don’t use statue tool, which means when the ragdoll moves, it turns into crazy like this.

And this is when it does.

I usually set physics in 3ds max and compile, then change *phy file with other models’,
in this case I used xenomorph physics file because totally I used it to rig that praetorian model.
And when I did so to other models, it worked fine.
But why this happens? Anyone please help me.

ps. the whole physics worked fine in 3ds max.

Also, I reduced polys from 35,000 to 19,900s. Is that because?

Thus, it works fine in 3ds max.

Your skinning is propably wrong.

This isn’t working fine. You can see broken rigging

Also probalby some of the bones have roots that are thrown out.

Oops. I’ll remind that. Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

That isn’t physics, nor anything to do with the physics. It’s the rigging, major issues there.

You have found a way to create a new revolutionary style of art.

Oh, yeah. It’s much brilliant than Mr.Picasso of cubism.
Now, I found a solution.