Stupid problem

Ok I know this probelem is pretty newbish, but when i add custom models then compile the map they don’t show up in-game. Do i need to do something with packrat or do i put the models in an addon folder?

I also would like to know if its possible that when a player approaches a model if its skin can change? Like say you have a model that has a skin that shows its inactive but when you approach it then it changes its model to show its active.

eem, probably if models don’t appear at all. It means you put them wrong as entities.
There is 3 main types


So all models wont fit into prop_physics or any of those.
Most of tables, chairs in hl2 will be prop_physics. So you have to check what they are. (In model browser in info tab you can see it)

To make skin change if you pass by something, you need to use triggers I think.

Thank you, and the models are all prop_static. They are custom models so I don’t know, there is no error or anything and in-game I can just walk right through the place they should be.

yeah. If there is no error in game it means you set it as wrong entitie.
if you want prop physics to be not movable.

Check motion disable in flags on prop_physics.

Thank you so much my map looks alot cooler now.