Stupid Question

I have been thinking of an idea I can make for TF2, I know this is stupid, I KNOW I need to ask on the TF2 Emporium but nobody answered me.
Anyways, I’m thinking of changing a player model in TF2 (Scout) to other model (ragdoll) but, how do I do that? What tools do I need? Etc…
Please help me and thanks.

The model I want for scout is only on GMOD…

Unless its rigged to the scout’s skeleton, the model can’t be used. if it is, put the materials and models in your TF2 corresponding fonders

which one exactly? We need more details.

Well, i have the idea of making a Homestar (check for more info.) Scout. I saw a thread from facepunch which contains all the characters pack)

And how can I “rig” the model to scout’s skeletons?

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I think I am solving it