Stupid Question

Is there anyway to make an entity so that I can walk through it in Hammer?

I know its a n00b question but I’m not bad in Hammer I just don’t know much.

If you mean walk through a prop, change the solidity to not solid. If you mean a brush, make it a func_illusionary.

Or a func_brush with Solidity set to Not Solid.

That’s rather unnesseray, a func_illusionary have the solidity set to off by default. People who say it’s obsolete is wrong. It’s still used in large quantities. I only use func_brush for stuff like exploding gas stations etc.

func_illusionary IS obsolete. Besides, a func_brush eats up less resources than a func_illusionary.

I just have to disagree that you should use func_brush everytime you want something without solidity.

I never said a func_illusionary is an obsolete. Really, I use it a lot by myself too.

They both can do the same thing, yes, but a func_brush is more powerful due to its large variety of options.

Yes, that’s what I mean. If you only want it to have solidity disabled, use func_illusionary. There’s no need to use func_brush if you only want to play around with solidity.

Here we go again.