Stupid texture scaling error

I’m making this map, and the textures on the displacements aren’t scaling correctly. It looks completely different in-game from hammer. I’m using a scaling of 5,5. Is that too big or something?

Hammer (What I want it to look like)

In-Game (What it looks like after compile)

Leave your texture scale on;

X: 0.25
Y: 0.25

I’ve never seen a need to change it, just makes textures look crappy. No matter what you do, you will get repeating textures like the one in the bottom image unless you increase your texture scale. And then it will look crappy.

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The in-game image looks horrific. I just don’t even…

I haven’t had this problem with displacements before. The only cause I can think is that the displacement is 14176 units by 1920 units and maybe the engine can’t handle that? (Its the inner wall of a massive volcano)

Turns out, $seamless_scale 0.005. This prevents texture scaling on the displacement. I’ll just use my own vmt.