Stupid video

unscripted, I was bored playing in gmod.

Bombs Go Boom

Don’t post another shit video like that ever again.
“I was bored” is no excuse.

Your fault for watching it. :smug:

you use the smugface wrong

That wasn’t even worth recording

I know right. Nice trolling there. You know my friend told me a bunch of pricks would be upset.

I am just honest, that’s no trolling.

You are walking around, beating a bomb and then it explode. HOHOHO hilarious, that is something nobody has ever done before.

Honestly, it’s not worth watching, recording and even uploading.

Just compare your work to other videos posted here… if you were mature enough, you would understand.

No Bull shit excuses.

The level of expectation of a descent gmod videos has risen to a much greater level over the years. This video is unacceptable

Why are you upset by something that doesn’t effect you?

this is so fail

Yeah I have. :smug:

Why don’t you as well.

That was stupendous! In particular, I enjoyed the scene where the main character goes back into the burning building to save his wife, even though he knows he may never make it out in time. But my favorite part was when the main terrorist bad guy actually changes sides at the last moment, and takes a bullet for the protagonist, only to die in his arms shortly after reciting some Greek poetry. Gold Star!

Well :smug:

I don’t think :smug:

you have :smug:


Oh I have. I’ve seen them. So are you saying I should seep low and do random bits of over used ‘comedy’ scenes?

And honestly man, this wasn’t some serious scripted video. This was cut out of a longer video. A long video of me just fucking around in gmod. Forgive me if I like to just play around and have fun in gmod, how stupid of me to think that gmod was not only for serious videos and screenshots meant to satisfy others. My friends laughed at that part and told me to put it up on youtube. When I said I was going to post it on facepunch, they were like, “Oh don’t do that, you’ll get flamed, someone will think it’s serious and be a prick about.” And I said.

“Ha, what? No, why would someone get all huffed up over something stupid?”

And here I am now listen to y’all b’aww about it.

People are saying it sucks because it took barely anything to make. A 6 year old, or maybe even a chimp could have made this video.
Also, my last post was clear cut sarcasm, to the idiots who rated it dumb. The short version of that post: Your video’s crap.

You are either a troll, or the stupidest child alive.

Do you even know what a troll is? When’s the last time you looked at the definition?

And you called me stupid for what? Posting a video of me just playing around in gmod?

And eh, what happened to that video you were going to make back in june?


It wasn’t meant to be some big thing. It’s me fucking around in gmod. The whole recording was like 20 minutes long, at the time I was just recording it to be recording it. You act as if the idea of someone playing around in gmod is just the most daft thing ever.

So why did you upload this 1 minute long piece of crap?

You really think that a video like this can compare to rest in this forum? No one cares if you waste your life just hitting bombs in garrys mod with a dam crowbar, let alone want to waste a minute of their life watching it.

Stop being a loser and put some effort into your work.

Hey Dumbass,




And that too. Pshh, y’all call me stupid but you’re the ones who can’t get shit into your heads. Tired of repeating myself.

^Is actually the one getting trolled right now.